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Sambucus Nigra Vitamin C & Zinc 1000 mg
Sambucus Nigra Vitamin C & Zinc 1000 mg

Apexis Sambucus Nigra Vitamin C & Zinc 1000 mg

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Sambucus Nigra Effervescent Tablets contain vitamin C and zinc , as well as elderberry extract. Contains extracts obtained both from the flower and fruits of the elderberry plant.
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Origin : Turkey
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Many people find it difficult to swallow solid tablets and capsules. Effervescent tablets are more beneficial especially in patients with stomach problems and provide maximum benefit thanks to high absorption.

In addition, effervescent tablet technology allows the combined content to be easily taken in a single dose. In addition, it provides easy drinking with pleasant taste.
It is a vitamin that protects the body and strengthens the immune system in poisoning and febrile diseases.
It facilitates the passage of iron and folic acid necessary for blood production in our body and increases its usage. Thus, it prevents anemia.
It strengthens the vascular walls and prevents the formation of cataracts and bleeding in the eye.
Breast cancer and skin cancer caused by sun heat slows down the development. It is an antioxidant vitamin.
Bleeding gums, abnormal teeth, fatigue, unwillingness and joint pain
Excessive deficiency causes scorbut disease.
It is known as a vitamin that treats the scorebut disease, which is manifested by bleeding in the gums, swelling of the joints and pain.
Resistance to febrile illness, frequent illness, and weakness of the immune system can also be associated with inadequate intake.
Excessive, excreted in the urine.
In excessive studies, the formation of stones in the kidneys is more than necessary,
May cause allergic skin symptoms.

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