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Gladent Dental Unit S200A
Gladent Dental Unit S200A

Gladent Dental Unit S200A With Intraoral Camera&Monitor

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Your Price: $2,850.00
DENTAL UNIT Simplicity is not easy rams it, concise design, Fully functional and durable. The headrests are multi-articulated and allows different positions for patient Built out and detachable suction filter Fashionable 90° rotatable ceramic cuspidor Rotatable unit for easy maintenance -tmmmusb mn Integral control system with USB connector
Part Number : GD-S200A
Availability : In Stock. Free Shipping
Delivery : 5 - 10 Working Days Delivery
Origin : China
Certifications : Ce Certificate, Iso Certificate
Shipping and Customs You will not be faced with any surprises. We pay all customs and shipping costs. We deliver the product to the address you specify without any problem


  • 24V DC motor for chair : 1 set
  • Auto spittoon flushing & cup filler control system: 1 set
  • Inter-lock control system: 1 set
  • Down-mounted instrument tray with air brake: 1 set
  • Rotatable caremic spittoon: 1 set
  • 3-way syringe (hot/cold): 2 sets
  • Muti-function foot controller: 1 set
  • High suction & saliva ejector system: 1 set
  • Seamless cushion (PU): 1 set
  • Outer water tank: 1 set
  • Build-in floor box : 1 set
  • LED sensor operating light: 1 set
  • LED film viewer: 1 set
  • Doctor stool: 1 set
  • Intraoral Camera&Monitor
  • Monitor Arm
  • Contra-Angel 1:1
  • E-Generatör High Speed Handpiece
  • Low Speed Handpiece
  • Air Motor
Shipping and customs taxes are included. You do not pay extra fee. It is very simple to install. When you plug it in, it works immediately.

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