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Elio HDM

Dentreal Elio HDM Surgery Light

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ELIO HDM is the result of a rigorous approach that aims to bring you the best solution for actions that require high magnification.
Part Number : DRM.1068
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Origin : France
Certifications : Ce Certificate, Iso Certificate
New generation microscope
  • ELIO HDM is the result of a rigorous approach that aims to bring you the best solution for actions that require high magnification. The result will please even the most skeptical. A new generation microscope with unique performance is born. Integrated in surgical lighting, this new microscope covers multiple entities. With the X 60 zoom, it can detect the smallest detail in the structure of the outer and soft tissues. Replacing your traditional surgical lighting, ELIO HDM saves your work space from bulky devices.

  • With a very advanced Full HD camera and a particularly well-studied optics, ELIO HDM has achieved unexpected performance (surprising). The 60 X zoom feature allows you to review every detail. Wide depth of field provides clarity regardless of your work area. ELIO HDM is equipped with an auto focus that prevents manual adjustments. No need to adjust the aperture, focal length ... The operator effectively focuses on surgical procedures and ELIO HDM does the rest. All areas of the mouth can be accessed directly or through the mirror of vision. Exceptional image sensitivity opens up new application areas. ELIO HDM can be used both in daily practice and in restorative dentistry, periodontic actions. It is particularly useful for the production of prosthetic actions.

  • To Improve the visibility of the work to be done in the mouth , including search for small details, is a daily reality in the dental practice. Acts such as root canal treatment leads your eyes to a concentration on a very reduced field, causing , in addition to the difficulty to see , an eye fatigue that should not be overlooked . Technical protocols increasingly require an even more increasing accuracy. This is why the use of the operating microscope has found its place in dental cabinets. Driven by a desire to push away the boundaries of technology, EKLER has designed a new generation of microscope. A unique product , a versatile product with performance ever seen, ELIO HDM 's mission is to provide practitioners with a particularly valuable assistance in the implementation of dental and periodontal acts. ELIO HDM not only improves visibility but it also improves your working comfort . With its 60x zoom and its Full HD picture ELIO HDM allows to observe every detail in full screen. Never a conventional microscope has achieved such a performance. 

Are you ready to see differently ? 
  • Welcome to the light. The peculiarity of the activity of the dental practitioner consists of the observation of details in a reduced and little accessible operative field. This vision of details requires a level of illumination raised to assure the best visual performances and reduce the tiredness. Like a LED Lighting of very high yield, ELIO offers not less than 55.000 LUXES in your field of vision. With its daylight (natural white, color temperature included between 6300°K and 6500°K) and without any carried shadow, ELIO creates the perfect conditions of the visual comfort by offering you a uniform light in your daily practice. A light with variable intensity able to adapt itself to all the acts and to the need of each. 

  • Faithful to its philosophy EKLER developed ELIO HDM with a view to improve ergonomics and management space. This “all in one” product replaces advantageously the existing surgical lighting. This unit can be installed on the ceiling, wall or mobile foot stand. The image is projected on the monitor screen. Because of its design ELIO HDM offers many advantages and allows toimprove several aspects of the work.
  • It improves posture work of the practitioner. The dentist's practice consists of physical effort such as leaning forward, sometimes with a trunk rotation which can ultimately lead to a burnout at all levels of the spine position. Looking at the picture on the screen practitioner releases constraints. This prevents the tension in the neck and prevent back problems.
  • It reduces eyestrain The painstaking work strongly urges the vision: the mechanism of accommodation, provided by the lens and the eye muscles, allows adjustment of the focus of the image on the retina, convergence allows the fusion of the two retinal images thanks to the contraction of muscles surrounding the eye. The use of ELIO HDM avoids this eye fatigue due to indirect labor and excellent image quality displayed on the screen. Moreover, the indirect labor eliminates very high light requirements, as is often the case in meticulous acts, and not suffer from fatigue induced by changes in light level.
  • It preserves the workspace Due to its design ELIO HDM is used like any other lighting. It is used at a usual distance of 70cm. Its minimum sharpness distance is 50cm and thus, unlike the conventional microscope, gives free space around the patient's mouth and do not hamper the use of instruments, whips and does not run counter the activity of the assistant during your acts. 


  • White natural day light : 6000°K ±5% 
  • Good reproduction of colors : 90% 
  • Adjustable light Intensity until 52.000 Luxes 
  • No shadows carried 
  • Completely tight and waterproof for an optimal asepsis 
  • Absence of UV radiation and no extra heat contribution 
  • Without fan and noiseless 
  • Source : 2LED x 6W, Consumption 12W
  • Life expectancy of 50.000 heures 
  • Energy supply 110-220V, autonomous stabilized converter 

  • Camera Autofocus
  • Lens: zoom 60x
  • Significant depth of field
  • System: NTSC / PAL
  • Number of pixels: 1080p (1080 x 1920) / 60p
  • Horizontal field of view: 48 ° to 2.8 °
  • Low lighting requirement: 0.7 lux
  • White balance: auto, off, on
  • Video Outputs: YPbPr
  • Power loss: 6 - 12V DC, 3.3W

Whole set
  • Dimensions of the head: 272 x 116 x 146mm (without handle)
  • Press weight: 1.75 kg
  • Arm scale: 1470mm
  • Weight of the arm: 6.90 kg
  • Axis diameter: 35mm
  • Color RAL 9016
  • Foldable arms
  • Set is delivered with arms
  • 1 year warranty

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