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Luxima'LED V2
Luxima'LED V2

Dentreal Luxima'LED V2 Ceiling Light

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An elegant and sleek design, compactness and lightness unparalleled, a design promoting asepsis, here are the reasons why you will turn the new LUXIMA'LED V2 your favorite medical lighting.
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Origin : France
Certifications : Ce Certificate, Iso Certificate
Ceiling Light LED with 32’’ FULL HD Screen
  • Elegant, minimalist, discreet and beautifully designed with a seamless integration of LED light technology of high quality. Delimited by an outer frame and ultra lightweight, LUXIMA'LED will surprise you with its beauty. 
  • It is designed to fit naturally in all treatment rooms.
  • Its screen 32 "Full HD Edge LED causes a more intense visual sense that will attract your patients in a world of dreams and relaxation.

Innovative Design
  • Designed to be a stunning beauty and ultra thin, LUXIMA'LED V2 fits elegantly into your place. Quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship associed to an innovative technology, here is EKLER footprint. This model fits a homogeneous concept, every detail is optimized to fulfill its role to perfection. This quest for perfection is noticeable on both functional and dynamic exterior as well as a compact interior.
  • An elegant and sleek design, compactness and lightness unparalleled, a design promoting asepsis, here are the reasons why you will turn the new LUXIMA'LED V2 your favorite medical lighting.
  • High performance multimedia Lighting, LUXIMA'LED V2 has all the latest technology and the power to magnify your office.The future is already here.
  • In terms of light no project can be any longer conceived without LED technology. EKLER is entrusted with the task of innovation, which gives to EKLER the role in its status of an innovative company. Next logical development undertaken after ASTRA'LED is LUXIMA'LED V2. It represents what is best in medical light. Its spectrum of daylight is specially selected to meet the standard requirements.
  • Natural day light provided by LUXIMA'LED V2 offer the best working conditions for the practitioner and his staff. A High Color Rendering Index (CRI> 90%) is a guarantee for the quality of shade taking and accuracy of the work. Over more LUXIMA'LED V2 is designed to provide the maximum light onto the work area. The position of the light panels reduces the impact of the shadow brought by the head of the practitioner and this assistant which focus on the light field.
  • FIn line with potential risk of contamination during acts realized in the treatment room, we placed the asepsis in the heart of our approach during the phase of conception.
  • As well as the light quality, the hygienic maintenance of LUXIMA represents an obvious advantage.
  • It is equipped with a smooth diffuser for an easy cleaning and an on-surface disinfection as all the devices of treatment room.Completely closed, it prevents the deposits of dust inside the lighting.

LED screen Edge Full HD : Bright pictures with incredible contrast
  • Demand the best quality image. Imagine the details of an astounding clarity combined with high brightness, incredible contrast, a motion definition of great clarity, colors and realistic images, as well as reduced electricity consumption. The LED Full HD screen integrated into Luxima'LED offers more detail than a standard HD TV. And details in the image means more intense pleasure for you viewing.
  • So you will offer your patients a relaxing and usable environment. Multiple functions, video, TV and other media, create the atmosphere that will distract your patients away from the act that you administer and contribute to the release of anxiety and other phobias. They shall keep an unforgettable memory and will come back for sure.

  • Day light 6500°K
  • CRI 90%
  • Standard Illuminant D65
  • Lifespan : 50000 heures
  • Luminosity : 19000 lumens
  • Dimmable by remote control
  • Dimensions : 123x77x8cm
  • Weight: 15Kg
  • Attachment : 4 cables, entraxes: 73x60cm

Color : Dark Grey
  • Manufacturing in compliance with the standards
  • DIN 67505 – EN 12464-1-Marking CE

  • LED screen 32“ (80 cm)
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • CMR 100 Hz Smart TV
  • Dynamic contrast: Mega Contrast
  • Color EnhancerComponent entry (Y / Pb / Pr)
  • Composite entry (AV)
  • Ethernet (Local Area Network) available
  • HDMI x 3
  • USB x 2
  • Component (YPbPr) 
  • AV composite
  • Port CI

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