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Face Mask ,Face Shield
Face Mask ,Face Shield

Dentreal Protective Face Shields Full Face Mask

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The dentreal visor is used during dental treatment. It reduces the risk of infections that are transferred by air and protects from the effects of lesser harmful particles during a procedure. Enables protection from swarf of the worked materials.
Part Number : DJ.V30
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Delivery : 4 - 7 Working Days Delivery
Origin : Turkey
Certifications : Declaration Of Confirmaty
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11 - 20 $8.00
21+ $7.50
    • Designed for procedures and environments where risk of exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids through splashing is possible
    • Equipped with a  headband
    • Can be worn with or without glasses or goggles
    • Resistant to fogging
    • Clear for maximum visibility
  • Protective eyewear and face shields offer a lightweight, economical eye protection solution against the splash and splatter of blood-borne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials as well as aerosol sprays.
One Package Included
  •  One  head band
  • 5 Pvc pvc protective visor

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