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Torque Ratchet Wrench
Torque Ratchet Wrench

Dentreal Torque Ratchet Wrench 6,35 mm

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Compatible with: Alpha Bio®, Nobel Biocare® & many other systems as well.
Part Number : DRM.3025
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Origin : Turkey
Certifications : Declaration Of Confirmaty
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  • Üretiyoruz ve Pazarliyoruz En Kaliteli Dental Implant sistemleri.
  • ISO 9001: 2008, Medikal ISO 13485: 2003 ve CE 1023 Resmi Sertifikalarimiz Onaylandi.

Teknik özellikler:

  • Hex Boyutu: 6,35 mm Universal Hex
  • Tork Araligi: 10-45 NCM
  • Malzeme: Yüksek Sinif Paslanmaz Çelik

Kullanim amaci

This wrench was designed for use in dental applications. It should only be used by qualified personnel.

It is used to screw in dental implants and to extract them at pre-adjusted torque levels.


Setting the dental implant torque wrench: The desired amount of torque can be set with the adjustment nut (1).

A scale (2)in the front of the wrench indicates the amount of torque that can be applied at that setting. 5 Ncm increments are clearly marked on the sides of the scale (from 10 to 45 Ncm).

Blocking the Torque: Setting the torque to its maximum effectively disables the torque feature.

Do not screw too tightly.

Storage: Store in a relaxed position, not exceeding 20 Ncm.


Force should only be applied at the head of the adjustment nut (1)

When reaching the desired torque, the wrench bends around the pivot (3) in the ratchet head and gives off an audible click. At this point stop pressing on the wrench – otherwise it will be damaged.

The wrench will return to its normal orientation when you stop applying force.


The wrenches are not sterilized prior to shipping.

They must be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized before use.

When cleaning, do not use abrasive detergents and do not apply excessive pressure.

To avoid damage do not clean with wire brush or metal pads.

Use only cleaning and disinfectant solutions with a ph between 5 and 10.

Please follow the cleaning / disinfectant manufacturer’s instructions

Frequent but careful cleaning has little effect on the life of the ratchet.

Product life is determined by wear.

Anahtari yilda bir kez yeniden kalibre edin. Anahtar, servisten sonra temizlenmeli ve sterilize edilmelidir.

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