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Essix Dual Laminate Plastic
Essix Dual Laminate Plastic

Dentsply Orthodontic Essix® Dual Laminate Plastic 080"

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Dual-sided construction: hard top surface withstands mastication pressure while soft bottom surface provides patient's comfort.
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Appearance. Strength. Durability.

There are plenty of reasons to insist on authentic Essix® Plastics. But is there a better reason than because the material you use is an integral part of your treatment plan?

Dentsply Sirona is a highly-respected name in dental plastics and polymer technology. When it comes to meeting the needs of clinician and patient alike, Essix® Plastics give you the quality you demand and the versatility you need.

Dentsply Sirona also offers a complementary assortment of Dreve plastics, affording you even more flexibility to meet patient needs.

Essix® Dentsply Plastics is a highly respected name in transparent orthodontic retention and polymer technology. From the openness of Essix ACE® Plastic to the durability of Essix C + Plastic, from the ability to bond to Essix A + Plastic, many applications rely on the original Essix® Dentsply Plastic to guarantee compatibility and satisfaction. When it comes to meeting the needs of you and your patients, Essix® Plastics gives you the quality you want and the versatility you need.

Primary use: TMJ Splints

Essix® Dual Laminate has a hard top surface that withstands mastication pressure while a soft bottom surface provides patient comfort.

  • Dual-sided construction
  • Also used for nightguards, clenchers and grinders
  • Accepts bonding agents
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or BPA
  • Store in a cool, dry place

  • Note: Not recommended for use in a Drufomat.

    Package contents and specifications

    • 12pcs in package.Dual Laminate Plaque
    • Square 080"

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