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Jig Gel Light Curing Implant Jig and Pattern Resin

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Gel-Pattern resin No need to mix resin powder and liquid Inject directly on to implant Optimal viscosity for quick and precise application Complete light curing in 3 mins.
Part Number : DRM.1250
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Origin : Korea
This is an injection-type light-curing resin product that can easily design implant jigs. This is an innovative product that abandons the method of absorbing resin powder into solutions with the use of a brush and casting it into implant abutment several times.

  • -Copings
  • -Post and core build ups
  • -Lingual and palatal bars
  • -Implant attachments
  • -Adhesion Bridges
  • -Clasps
  • -Telescoping crowns
  • -Certain pre-soldering techniques
    Benefits of JIG-GEL
  •  Reduces workload and efficient
  •  Odorless
  •  Polishing is not required
  •  Low Priced
  •  Easy to use even for beginners
  •  High quality
  • Package Included; 
  • 12 ml Jig-Gel Pattern Resin
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