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Low Speed Handpiece
Low Speed Handpiece

M1 Low Speed Handpiece Kit (External Water Spray)

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The M1 low speed handpiece with external water spray can be connected with polishing brush, dental polishing ring, grinding head and root canal reamer.
Part Number : DRM.M1
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Delivery : 4 - 7 Working Days Delivery
Origin : China
Certifications : Ce Certificate, Iso Certificate

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Product introduction
The M1 low speed handpiece with external water spray can be connected with polishing brush, dental polishing ring, grinding head and root canal reamer.

M1 low speed handpiece consists of M1-SH low speed straight handpiece, M1-CA low speed contra angle handpiece, M1-AM low speed dental handpiece motor. The machine set can be sold separately. The straight handpiece, contra angle handpiece or the motor can be sold independently. It can also be sold as a whole set (straight handpiece+contra angle handpiece+motor).

Technical parameters
Working air pressure: 0.25 (Mpa) -0.3 (Mpa)
Water pressure: 198Kpa(2Kg)
Forward speed: 18 (krpm)
Reverse speed: 16(krpm)
Torsion: 0.4 (N) -0.45 (N)
Bur dimension: F2.334-F2.355 (mm)
Water flow: 90(min/ml)-110(min/ml)
Working water pressure: 0.2 (Mpa)-0.23 (Mpa)
Noise: =65dB
Bur clamping method: contra angle handpiece: push type; straight handpiece: removable snap ring.

Product features
1.The M1 low speed handpiece adopts external water spray, so it can provide solution for the problem of no water output caused by pipe blocking. It is equipped with stainless steel snap joints with superior flexibility, thus ensuring that the water pipe will not be loose or drop from the joints during the application of the handpiece.
2.The M1 handpiece adopts push type bur change which is the replacement of the original clamped bur change. This method features quicker, more convenient and time saving bur assemble and disassemble, thus saving every minute for doctors.
3.The motor will stop running or be stuck because of lacking of oiling. Without the lubricating oil, the blades which lead to motor rotation will be not resistant to friction, thus generating dust. While the abrasive resistance of    M1 handpiece is 50% higher than that of the others. This can directly improve the performance of the motor.
4.The jitter frequency of the handpiece is quite small. The testing results show that the radial run-out is less than 0.03mm which is more suitable for various fine operation. This handpiece can be more convenient.
5.The dental polishing ring is made of material from America which is treated by many steps of process. It will not be damaged after disinfection with maximally 135 degree high temperature and high pressure steam.
6.This dental drill adopts ceramic bearing, cage which is made of material from UK. The two side of the bearing is equipped with sealing device which can protect the internal of the bearing from external dust and some other impurities. The inner and outer ring of the bearing after many times of circular grinding treatment can ensure its concentricity, greatly improve the dynamic performance of the bearing and prolong the service life of the bearing.

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