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Shoes Cover Roll
Shoes Cover Roll

Automatic Shoes Cover

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Your Price: $200.00
PVC Film Roll For Shoe Cover Machine
Part Number : DRM.XTROOL
Availability : In Stock.
Delivery : 4 - 6 Working Days Delivery
Origin : China
Certifications : Ce Certificate, Iso Certificate
Medical system: Clinics,  Laboratory, Hospital (operating room,CT room, X-ray room, B ultra room,ICU room,VIP room, Blood center), etc  

Food factory, Pharmaceutical factory, Electric factory, Chemical industry, Dustless room, etc


Public: High grade club, Hotel,  Museum, Top grade meeting room, Spa center, Fitness center, etc


Real Estate: Model house, High grade residence, etc

Education System: Kindergarten, School, Computer room, Research and teaching, etc

In the package: 4 Rolls (each roll makes 1000 individual shoes) Total 2000 people

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