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Bovine Pericardium Membran
Bovine Pericardium Membran

Bionnovation Bovine Pericardium Membran 20*30 mm

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A natural membrane of high cohesion, resistance and elasticity. Thin, very pliable membrane that protects the grafted area without causing tension.
Part Number : BIO.161273
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Origin : Brazil
  • Naturally long barrier function
  • Multi-directional strength and tear resistance
  • No stickiness after rehydration
  • Excellent surface adaptation
  • Easy manipulation, can be applied dry or wet
  • Low thickness, no swelling after rehydration
  • Bovine sourced
Bionnovation pericardium membrane is a native collagen membrane obtained from porcine pericardium, developed and manufactured for dental tissue regeneration. It is very thin and provides a naturally long barrier function based on the specific composition and structure of the pericardial collagen fibres. Owing to the preservation of the natural biomechanical properties of the pericardium, Bionnovation pericardium membrane exhibits beneficial handling characteristics such as a remarkable tear resistance and effective surface adaptation.


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