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Collagen Wound Dressing
Collagen Wound Dressing

BioPad Wound Dressing with Collagen

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BIOPAD™ is an equine collagen primary wound dressing that can accelerate the closure of hard-to-heal wounds, and enhance the wound healing process. Formulated with up to five times more collagen than standard products
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Origin : Italy
Certifications : Ce Certificate, Iso Certificate
What is BIOPAD

BIOPAD® is an ivory-white soft sponge, made exclusively of lyophilized type I native heterologous collagen extracted from horse flexor tendon, gelatine free, that keeps its native structure, specific to the body’s skin tissue. BIOPAD® is supplied sterile in a single package, for one-use only, and can be available in different sizes from 1×1 cm to 10×15 cm. The standard size is 5×5 cm. BIOPAD® can be cut to wound size and easily adapted to wound size and shape.

How does it work

BIOPAD® is an active dressing, playing an active role in all stages of wound healing process, stimulating granulation tissue growth and enhancing regeneration tissues. It ensures:

1. balance between absorption and humidity at wound surface
2. gaseous exchange
3. barrier to prevent bacterial infections
4. it is completely non-adherent

BIOPAD® use is completely painless for the patient and does not require removal or change of dressing.

What it does

Quick Restoration of intactness of disrupted surface is critical in the healing process: BIOPAD® is the ideal mean for ensuring a fast recovery of the wounded area. BIOPAD® is the ideal and most innovative dressing for the control of minor bleeding and for the local management of moderately to heavy exuding wounds including:

· Pressure sores,
· Donor sites and other bleeding surfaces,
· Dehisced surgical incisions,
· Draining wounds,
· Lacerations,
· Venous stasis ulcers,
· Diabetic ulcers,
· Partial and full thickness wounds,
· Post-laser surgery,
· Podiatric,
· Surgical and traumatic wounds.

The advantages of BIOPAD®’s use can be summarized in:

· Reduction of healing time
· Best quality of scarring
· Excellent results, even in difficult to treat ulcers
· Easiness of use
· Painless application
· Reduced dressing frequency
· Outpatient treatment (in acute phase)
· Home-treatment (subsequently the acute phase)

1 Box :3 Pcs 5 cm* 5 cm

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