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Hex Screwdriver for Straumann Implant
Hex Screwdriver for Straumann Implant

Dentreal Hex Driver Screwdriver for Straumann Implant (Torx/Star)

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Unfortunately dental implant abutment screws come in all different shapes and sizes. Because of that, there are many, many different screws that hold them together. There are also so many different instrument adapters to tighten and loosen dental implant components.
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Body Material: Stainless steel

If you place implants on your patients, likely you work with a few different implant systems and are familiar with the components. For those of us who are just restorative dentists, remembering which driver and the corresponding torque value needed to restore the various implant systems can be a challenge. To help, here is a comprehensive torque value chart from Dentreal.

Compatible Model
Implant Screw Driver Suitable implant brandImplant TorqueHex Driver Buy Link

SCS ScrewdriverSOUTHERN Implant OCTA32 N-cm-
SCS ScrewdriverSTRAUMANN Bone & Tissue Level35 N-cm-
SCS Screwdriver-
SCS Screwdriver-
SCS Screwdriver-

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