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Tenting Screw Kit
Tenting Screw Kit

Tenting Screw Kit

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Tenting screw kit consisting of long length, specialized screws used for tenting during bone regeneration procedures.
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Origin : Turkey

Grafting of large vertical maxillary and mandibular alveolar ridge defects is difficult. The "tenting" technique involves the use of particulate allograft or block graft, in combination with specialized titanium screws, in a “tenting” fashion to augment large, localized, intraoral, vertical alveolar ridge defects for implant placement. Tenting with titanium screws maintains space and minimizes resorption of the graft.

  • Locking-taper, cruciform drive system provides for easy pickup and safe transport of screws to the surgical site
  • Aggressive tip and thread design on tenting screw engages bone and allows for precise placement without the use of a pilot hole - even in cortical bone
  • Screws 3 mm polished neck for precise space maintenance
  • 3.5 mm diameter screw head provides broad surface area to help prevent membrane perforation or tearing
  • Autoclavable tray conveniently stores and organizes all fixation kit components
  • 3 tent screws (Tenting Screw) 1,6 mm thickness 8 mm length
  • 3 tent screws (Tenting Screw) 1,6 mm thickness 9 mm length
  • 3 tent screws (Tenting Screw) 1,6 mm thickness 10 mm length
  • 3 tent screws (Tenting Screw) 1.6 mm thickness 11 mm height
  • 1 x Tenting screw special screwdriver
  • 1 Piece Aluminum sterilization box

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