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Galilean Loupe
Galilean Loupe

Dentreal Multifonction Galilean Loupe

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Eyeglass type loupe with 2.5x and 3x magnification options
Part Number : DRM.1954A
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Origin : Taivan
Certifications : Ce Certificate, Iso Certificate

As it says on the tin, our dental loupes accompanied by a set of 2.5x -3.0x magnification flip-down loupe lenses for your dental needs. 
This anti-fog, easy-clean, clear-view powerhouse is perfect for locating canals in straight-forward endodontic cases or giving your composite masterpieces that extra bit of detail in your restorative work.


Item Number08250A-2.5X08250A-3.0X
Working Distance420 mm420 mm
Depth of View90 mm75 mm
Field of View75 mm60 mm
Weight94 g90 g

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