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Carbide Bur for crown & metal cutting
Carbide Bur for crown & metal cutting

Frank Dental FD8XL Carbide Crown & Metal Cutting Bur (10 pcs)

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One bur does it all. The FD8XL starts fast and finishes fast. Save time and money since there is no need to change from a diamond to a carbide.
Part Number : C.FDXLA
Availability : In Stock.
Delivery : 4 - 7 Working Days Delivery
Origin : Germany
Certifications : Ce Certificate, Iso Certificate
Designed for a long lasting life with very high cutting efficiency.  These crown removal burs will cut through even the hardest of alloys with ease and speed.  
Please note:  Use light hand pressure and allow the bur to the the work for you.  
Carbide Crown & Metal cutting Burs are ideally used for:
  • Crown & bridge cutting as well as for amalgam or composite removal. 
  • Cut and perforate crowns & bridges (gold and Ni-Cr or other non precious alloys)
  • Compared to diamond cutters, this bur:
  • Wears much less rapidly (no breaking away of diamond grains)
  • Leaves a smooth surface for accurate impression-taking with no risk of deformation

  • Crown cutter
  • For all metals, perfect amalgam-remover,except zirconia
  • Very aggressive
  • High cutting performance
  • Perfect round centric
  • Specially developed for tooth geometry
  • Efficient cutting (pronounced cutting angle) and to remove restorative material
  • Sensitive touch transmission when tactile distinction between in contact with healthy dentine healthy and carious dentine
  • Reduced neck for better access
  • Head Diameter (mm): 1.2
  • Maximum RPM: 160,000
  • There are 10 burs in one package.

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