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Carpide Adhesive Remover and Finishing
Carpide Adhesive Remover and Finishing

Frank Dental Periodontal Periodontitis Treatment Bur Set

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For curettage of the root surface in deep pockets, for bi- and/or tri-furcaration and in the approximal area
Part Number : FD.1526
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Delivery : 4 - 7 Working Days Delivery
Origin : Germany
Certifications : Ce Certificate, Iso Certificate
Diamond-tipped dental burs for odontoplasty and mechanical root planning in periodontal treatments
Mechanical removal of the supragingival
Periodontal surgery (root surfaces exposed to depulation)
Root planning
Better access to difficult areas (furcations, roots deep periodontal pockets)
Ideal for homogeneous soft root surfaces
 For the treatment of periodontitis, the root surface should be cleaned and polished.
The supragingival and subgingival plaque and the cementum layers containing superficial endotoxin should be completely cleaned. This is a prerequisite for regeneration of periodontal tissue.
Frank dental periodontal burs will provide you convenience in your periodontal treatments.

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