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Dento-Prep Dental Microblaster
Dento-Prep Dental Microblaster

Ronvig Dento-Prep Dental Microblaster

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The Dento-Prep Microblaster is a state-of-the-art, compact aluminium oxide air abrasive instrument manufactured from high grade steel.
Part Number : MN.1536-2
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Origin : Denmark

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For optimal bond strength.

Microblaster for cleaning and micro-roughening of ceramic, composite and metal surfaces prior to cementation. Ideal for both intra-oral and extra-oral applications.

Nozzle rotates 360° for easy access to all areas of the oral cavity. Powder jar acts as a grip - perfectly balanced and comfortable in your hand.

  • Easy finger operation with the valve button. 
  • Easy installation by turbine quick couplings.
  • Made from high grade stainless steel and can be autoclaved by any method.
  • For use with aluminium and silicium oxide powder (particle size 20-80 um).
  • Sterilize in an autoclave. Please read the operating instructions for further details. 
  • Applicable with Dust-Cabinet for cleaning and sandblasting of e.g. indirect restorations.

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