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Lindeman Surgery Burs 162A FG
Lindeman Surgery Burs 162A FG

Frank Dental Titanium Coated Carbide Lindeman Surgery Burs FG

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Lindemann surgical burs are used for various dictionaries, including external sinus cleaning dictionaries. They are ideal burs for bone cutting and root separation.
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Origin : Germany

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  • Lindemann one piece titanium coated tungsten carpide end mills are specially adapted to work on the bone structure.
  • Frank dental titanium coated surgical drills help you, especially in bone and enamel cutting, to cut and remove embedded teeth.
  • Fine cross-cuts and optimum groove depth ensure efficient cutting of hard tissue or bone tissue and remove waste material.
  • Frank Dental Surgical burs are renowned for their strength, durability and advanced design.
  • Frank dental Surgical burs collection is comprehensive. Daily dental surgery includes a range of applications including implantology, traumatology and premachillofacial surgery.
High efficiency design

  • Aggressive cutting form
  • Titanium reinforced cutting tip
  • Excellent results every time
  • Longer life with titanium coating
  • Smooth surface geometry without burrs
  • Faster with ultra sharp structure
Usage areas
  • Osteotomy
  • Apicoectomy
  • Cystectomy
  • Hemisectomy
  • Implant and surgery
  • Root separation and bone cutting
  • Tireless cutting of bones including tooth enamel
Lindeman bur features
  • Diameter: 016
  • Cutter length: 9 mm
  • Model: Lindeman Bone Cutter
  • Compatible Device : High Speed Handpiece

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