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Single Blood Bag

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The Dentreal blood bag is a one-way, sealed system which contains CDPA-1 solution. The securely connected 16G needle is precision cut, allowing for pain-free puncture whilst giving a high blood flow rate.
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1. Disposable single PVC blood bag.

2. Sterilized by steam, non-toxic, pyrogen-free 

3. Type of anticoagulant solution: CPDA-1

4. Primary bag capacity available from 150ml to 500ml

5. Donor needle gauge size: 16G to 17G

6. Package: each set packed in one PE or PET compounded vacuum pouch, 5 sets packed in one lightproof aluminum foil compounded pouch, and then 50-100 sets packed in one carton



*Highly transparent Medical virgin grade PVC material,Sterile,non-toxic,non-pyrogenic

*High quality, peel-resistant label provides for convenient writing

* Ultra-thin walled 16G Venipuncture needle is optimal for reducing donor pain
*Soft twist-off needle cover provides excellent tamper-evidence
*Easy to break off the valve allows plasma transfer to both directions freely
*Rounded corners minimize the volume of blood lost in processing
*Safe and easy-to-open out-let port design provides protection from contamination


1. Disposable Rolled PVC blood bag

2. Sterilized by steam, non-toxic, pyrogen-free

3. Single, double, triple, quadruple

4. Filled with anticoagulant solution or empty

5. Primary Bag capacity available in 150ml to 500ml

6. Satellite Bag capacity available in 100ml to 450ml

7. Donor needle gauge size: metal or plastic needle at 16G or 17G

8. Package: Individual PE or PET vacuum pouch, 3 or 5sets/foil pouch, 60 or 100sets per carton


NameBlood Bag
Configurationsingle bag
MaterialMedical grade PVC
AttentionDisposable, for single use only

Package Included;
  • There are 100 single blood bags in a box.

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